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Internet of thing definition by Andri Yadi. #pyconmy2019

The core developers of the python programming language. Say thanks to them for helping you achieve your goals and start-ups. They're mostly volunteers. #pyconmy2019

Journey of the Python programming language. Monty Python, not the snake. #pyconmy2019

Japanese are cool! #pyconmy2019

#pyconmy2019 agenda for today. Presented for your convenience.

#pyconmy2019 Sign the petition here to let @netflixmy know that Malaysia needs street food coverage as well.

Dear buyers, please do not respond in that manner like "oooo". I really don't understand it. Thanks.

Malaya python library. #barcampcyberjaya

#barcampcyberjaya 2019. Gee please come. Or network please.


The theme for iBridge Camp 2019. Sign up now at

Just watched. Generally, a copy of the animation, extended a bit. Quite good actually. A few mature jokes though.

Wonder if anyone is playing along. I love the concierge Constance Pickering.

#breakthefake judges.

The internet will be a better place. #breakthefake

First pitching underway. #breakthefake While the rest of you are learning wondeful Gatsby.

#breakthefake useful Venn diagram.


#breakthefakehackathon2019 #breakthefake speakers q and a..

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