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Wearing the #hack19 shirt for #hack20! #flutterhackathon

1 day visit one animal. Lol.

The extent of the eclipse. Just a touch. Middle East, China and Taiwan have the full deal. Not as exciting as the crescent a couple years ago. Happy fathers day and happy national science week

(sic) "We've not won the battle yet. Today we just lost the fight." - Green ninja, ninjago Picture courtesy of the democratic action party.

Alright #nationbuilding time this weekend. Register if you haven't. It's quite simple if it's computerized. Have your ID with you. I wonder if that ss2 market is open already. #kitajagakita🇲🇾 #betternation

Please discard your surgical masks properly. Don't treat them like this.


Tune into at 6pm

Guess the song. Lol #meme

Tune in on at that time.

Intriguing light fixtures. #throwback Dec 2019

With the announcement that the MCO has been extended, entrepreneurs and their employees are feeling the pinch of having to work from home and struggle through another 2 weeks of business unusual. How do you motivate your staff? How do you set boundaries when you work from home? Our panelists weigh in on managing your mental health and motivation in the MCO. Join us on Thursday, 16th April at 12:30pm LIVE on Facebook @bfmradio

Harry Potter owl windows login on Good Friday. Hmm..

A useful chart for their decision making this coming Monday.

#throwback . Downpour at the campsite in 2019. Also the very first time using slow motion video.

Remain indoors.

A doctor in Canada explaining the utmost importance of #stayathome #remainindoors

There are some reports that roadblocks are stopping people for not wearing masks. But this SMS from the health ministry..

From the national security council.

Did you know our national library has e-books? #stayhome #restrictedmovementorder

Very appalling to see this behaviour probably because of some unsubstantiated article in the newspaper and other sources. Some apparent nipah virus expert telling people to stock up. You're just going to really cause mass panic and hysteria.

Detailed infographic. Official source national safety council. It's NOT a lock down like some other people are insisting. If they keep insisting, they'll be reported for fake news. You're causing undue panic. Without realising.

From the ministry of health Malaysia.

Looks like an Ingress portal or a Pokemon Go gym,. Or a Hogwarts Secrets portal. But it's an entrance to a benchmark of luxury accommodation. #throwback

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