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Wonder if anyone is playing along. I love the concierge Constance Pickering.

#breakthefake judges.

The internet will be a better place. #breakthefake

First pitching underway. #breakthefake While the rest of you are learning wondeful Gatsby.

#breakthefake useful Venn diagram.


#breakthefakehackathon2019 #breakthefake speakers q and a..

At some fake news hackathon pitching day. Slides presented by speakers are prohibited from sharing. #breakthefakehackathon2019

Come to think of it. And also to those maker fans, they were laser engraved as well.

Love me some Cyndi Lauper in the morning. #ngmy2019 Girls just wanna have fun.. Praise and worship is still better.

#ngmy2019 coffee line. They were hardly ready when the line formed. Such mannerisms.

#ngmy2019 breakfast. Pretty well organized despite the slight delay.

This Sunday school song, with the psychedelic hand actions.


#ioxkl19. Hmm...

Artificially intelligent air-conditioning? #ioxkl19

#ioxkl19 keynote speakers. Dean of tech school, and Dev relations.

I think Sam Carecho would've been so happy to be here. May he rest in peace :(. Miss you a lot. I just had time to say hello before your untimely demise. Thanks for the classes. Happy Father's Day. #ioxkl19

#ioxkl19 breakfast. Pretty good. But no seating places. :(

#ioxkl19 house rules..

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