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The Skype App “disappeared”
8th August 2019. 10:40:00 am

Yesterday, I encountered an unusual occurrence. The Skype app which is forced installed into Windows, suddenly “disappeared”. For a moment I thought it is a good thing. It seems to have reappeared today. If you have any idea what happened, do let me know. Honestly I feel that Microsoft should make Skype optional instead of […]

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Jakarta is sinking
2nd July 2019. 04:04:19 am

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20th June 2019. 05:58:44 pm

Oh, just came back from a Google Cloud meetup sponsored by this newfangled Japanese careers site called forkwell.com So how it works is that it analyses your Github and makes some profile, which it did not do and seemed to have some language leaks (Japanese). Autotranslate caught them. Here is what it did after analysing… […]

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Speaking of Tongues – A revelation..
3rd June 2019. 01:05:46 pm

Well I mentioned the other day that a pastor had presented that speaking in tongues was demonic in nature. Guess what he did not realise the context of the passage. Speaking in tongues is definitely fine but not done publicly. If done publicly it must still be interpreted/translated.

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Speaking in tongues
31st May 2019. 03:28:25 pm

Way back then when I was a very new (what people call) Christian, or just before becoming one, I was at a church, deciding to join the adult service rather than Sunday school as it was overwhelming for me. There was some gibberish being spoken and Dad was saying that it is Latin. Since then […]

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Some things…
7th April 2019. 01:46:51 pm

Okay, first things first… I know I haven’t been updating much because things have gotten busy again, which is good and bad. There is also a problem with the status updater because Twitter changed their terms of use, meaning that only Tweet IDs can be seen. Instead of seeing a nice status update, you’ll see […]

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Cabin Safety Information
22nd March 2019. 08:10:56 am

Courtesy of Malaysia Airlines. It is really in line with the videos created by Youtuber pilots like Mentour Pilot.

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Disney’s Aladdin Official 2019 trailer
13th March 2019. 03:22:56 pm

I am not so supportive of their converting animations to live actions streak that they are on now. Although the trailer seems promising, and it is in full 1080p HD! You’ll need a proper widescreen to see this.

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