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Zoom Debunked.

9th April 2020, 10:35:00 am

Recently there has been a circular going out that Zoom causes students taking online classes to loose their money in bank accounts, and resulting in a ministry irresponsibility not recommending the use of Zoom.

If you have had a look carefully at the news articles, it can be said it is due to the carelessness of users uploading the videos to other websites and video sites without changing the name of the video from the one saved out by Zoom. Sometimes they upload onto unsecure file servers.

This begs the ultimate digital transformation recommendation. Which is to set proper passwords and always rename files from the default unless it is absolutely private behind a password protected zone.

Also, the way mobile apps work is that they are “sandboxed”. Meaning that other apps do not have an easy way to get into another app. Unless you are using a “rooted” phone that is basically a phone that has all the sandboxing and security mostly taken out, and it allows all that. Which is why a major local bank refuses to install apps onto “rooted” devices.

I hope it is made clear.