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UNICEF Peddlers

12th February 2019, 02:33:55 pm

Update: There has been action taken by UNICEF Malaysia on this matter.

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As I was completing my very hearty lunch today, there were two people who turned up at my table.

Both were wearing light blue UNICEF vests. Understandable that it is their colour…

UNICEF Corporate branding kit.

One of them, with iPad in hand, proceeded to talk to me about what UNICEF does (which I confirmed with him) and handed me a laminated card with the information on making donations to UNICEF. Red flag 🚩!!

Now, the things he explained, I am not too sure if they are really being taken care of by UNICEF. Child refugees in Malaysia. Claiming to be supporting the children’s court and championing the child harassment act and the anti grooming law.

He then proceeded to try and persuade, despite saying it is an optional donation, me to donate. He showed be 3 packages, the cheapest being RM 50 a month.

I asked him for an online portal as I told him that I do not have the bank nor card details with me and that I would also need to get back to work. He then claims that it is a very new effort by the local UNICEF therefore there is no online portal but the form is in his iPad. I found it very weird as other charities and non profits (well known but not as large as UNICEF) readily gave me their contact or online donation portals to donate later.

Strange thing is that there is an online portal at unicef.my/donations with different price packages than what his card showed! Red flag 🚩 again!!

After much repetition and persuasion (until he offered to wait for me at the office for me to get the bank/card details) he shook hands with me saying that it was nice meeting me and that if I encounter anymore personnel wearing those vests, that I can “tap on their shoulder” to donate.

To me they were very suspicious (UNICEF has had a local presence for quite a long while), and after being scammed twice (recovery donations accepted here: https://www.salocinten.info/#/donations), I have wisened up quite a bit, also learning from several scambaiters on YouTube on how to deal with these guys.