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Speaking in tongues

31st May 2019, 03:28:25 pm

Dr. Gene Kim about speaking in tongues. Watch with an open mind and do not let emotions cloud you.

Way back then when I was a very new (what people call) Christian, or just before becoming one, I was at a church, deciding to join the adult service rather than Sunday school as it was overwhelming for me. There was some gibberish being spoken and Dad was saying that it is Latin.

Since then all the way to college, I believed it was Latin whenever any congregation started speaking in tongues. I just stood silent in respect.

A pastor said “open your mouth and thank Him”. Okay so I did in simple English whilst the rest were going superspeed with their tongue babbling.

Until some people decided to force me to speak in tongues even praying incessantly for it. I just started mumbling something and he told me to speak louder.

Some others also thought it was like an encoding system to “hide” prayers from the Devil! Something Mum disagreed on finding it strange as God hears prayers in whatever language and as long as your faith is solid there is no uprooting by other forces.

Only after a few and then a pastor said it is just some language, did I re-convince myself that it is actually not Latin.

Some congregations were so loud with it, it became deafening at times. Think of over a few hundred babbling mouths. Only one church did use an “interpreter” when she loudly said some prophecy in tongues.

The churches I went to in Australia, at two different ends of the spectrum. One having strict policies against speaking in tongues on the microphone because some people got turned off by it thinking it is a witchcraft session (New Age beliefs are extremely prevalent there). The other embracing this speaking in tongues as a Holy breath.

Now both of them have been generally good at their teaching, though one was more grounded in the Word than the other. I continue to support their work and ministry that they do, even reaching far outside of Australia and into efforts over here.

Therefore after watching this video, Dr. Gene’s explanation is really clear. Just babbling incoherently then calling it speaking in tongues (I think a pastor at a church I attend calls it “Shandai Shandai”) is indeed influenced by other forces and can be off-putting to any newcomer, pre-Believer or perhaps otherwise.

We should do it far less or not at all.