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Reflections of the Decade.

1st January 2020, 03:50:19 pm

Well, it is the new year, and it is 2020. A new decade. When it was just a pipe dream back in the 90s. Promises and visions, a lot of them still unfulfilled or cancelled.

A lot of people are reflecting on the past decade. Setting them up on social medias. I would rather just place them here, and it might be uninteresting…


  • Experienced a job in online advertising. Handling super large amounts of data. It was an awesome place. The company trip left a great deal to be desired in terms of alcohol level. I almost wanted to get out right away but the more sober colleagues took care.
  • Being part of a futile protest against the planned upgrading of the 90s era Atria mall. It was apparently approved by the previous government of that time. The demolishing of the old mall took place shortly.


  • Construction of the Atria Mall began with the Beijing Urban Development Group taking charge.
  • Got a job, eventually, as a WordPress developer. Kind of “accidental”. It was great back then.
  • Rest in peace, grandma. You were great and always so happy to see me.


  • Made a customised schedule generator for the Urbanscapes music festival. Basically like the Google I/O schedule maker but it goes one step further as it generates a printable/shareable image.
  • Everyone was trying to convince that Harold Camping’s predictions were real. He passed on from a fall in his home and a stroke some months after the date came and went. His radio channel still goes on.


  • First time voting. It was too late to register for the previous General Election. Almost dehydrated because I was not expecting the huge turnout.
  • The outcome was “devastating” to some, and it marked the beginning of several sometimes draconian measures on media, social welfare and free speech.


  • Generally a good year. Could not recall much other than being drowned in WordPress development.


  • Bleak year, got hit by 2 financial errors, exacerbated by a growing mountain of client projects. I also realised that hypnosis is totally real. If you’d like to help, check out the donation page.
  • Atria Shopping Gallery relaunches, upgraded, larger than before. The traffic flow was thankfully managed properly but there is difficulty in crossing the roads now.


  • A year of reckoning. Client projects became overwhelming. Christmas was lost during this time. However, a lot was learnt.


  • Took a leap of faith by leaving that job. No more WordPress development and multiple client projects, for now.
  • Made the website for the iBridge camp. A version of it is archived here. It was fun.
  • Got a new job. A miracle in itself. Thank you Jesus.


  • Being a part of Lai Tak Ming’s little but fierce movement. Rallying people to vote and be election volunteers.
  • Being a part of history with the 14th General Election in a news company. Never a better time. It was fun spending the entire night being in the news, minute by agonizing minute, updating their electoral map microsite.
  • Had I worked in a different firm, I don’t think I would have been more excited.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel. Message me to know more.


  • Changed a website’s content management system. It sustains an average of 4000 daily views. So it was a good adventure.
  • Won some Microsoft accessibility hackathon. It was teamwork really. The amazing thing was I almost did not go.
  • Coffee Unmeets Bagel.

Well, hopefully that was a great list, and that 2020 should be a year we get human. We have all lost that touch. If everyone can just be nice, the world will be a much better place.