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20th June 2019, 05:58:44 pm

Oh, just came back from a Google Cloud meetup sponsored by this newfangled Japanese careers site called forkwell.com

So how it works is that it analyses your Github and makes some profile, which it did not do and seemed to have some language leaks (Japanese). Autotranslate caught them. Here is what it did after analysing…

Atto SalocinDotTEN ‘s was examined

Transcendence JavaScript ninja of finesse in the 2014 total from 156,810 lines (14.3% higher) has been changed.

Other than that, CoffeeScript has been used since 2016, and a total of 2582 lines (top 7.1%) 
PHP has been used since 2011 and a total of 990 lines (top 97.9%) has been changed.

In the last six months I mainly write Dart . 
At midnight I write a little code.

Hmm, what does Atto mean? I don’t mainly write Dart, just touched it for the Flutter hackathon, which was great. CoffeeScript?

What is “transcendence Javascript ninja of finesse”? Sounds so anime.

Perhaps I don’t put much there. It is an interesting thing though.