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Blogging is a bit of a chore

30th October 2019, 02:12:29 pm

Some may be wondering why things haven’t been written on the eDiary in quite a long while.

Turns out that things got real busy, which is good for me. However it leaves hardly enough time to write blog posts. It is a bit of a chore too, having to come up with at least a framework of what to write about periodically.

Other amazing things happened in life so far as well! I shall reveal when the time is a bit more right for that. The just concluded iBridge Camp was surprisingly good too. With very practical ways of using God given talents in the field of work, plus other avenues to help others along their journeys.

Now I do understand how content creators feel. Which is why they always need a team of researchers and assistants / interns.

Probably some restructuring is sorely needed. Again. But will see where and how it goes.