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From KTLA: Father’s Desperate Plea Prompts Lifetime Supply of Cups for UK Boy With Autism

For Ben Carter, the beloved little blue cup wasn’t just a drinking vessel — it was a lifeline. Ben Carter, who has severe autism, has drunk from the distinctive Tommee Tippee two-handled cup since he was a toddler. (Credit: Marc Carter/Twitter) The 14-year-old, who has severe autism, has drunk from the distinctive two-handled cup since…

via Father’s Desperate Plea Prompts Lifetime Supply of Cups for UK Boy With Autism — KTLA

A space for proper  English ..

​A female secretary got an expensive pen as a gift from her boss. She sent him a ‘Thank you note’ by sms. Boss’s wife read the SMS and filed for divorce.

The SMS said:

Your penis wonderful and I enjoyed using it last night. It has extra ordinary smooth flow and a firm stroke. I loved its perfect size and grip. Felt like I was in heaven when using it. Thanks a lot”

Moral: A “space” is an essential part of English grammar. 😂😂😂

The unicorns in the Bible?

Dear all,

Do you have a hard copy KJV bible in your home? Would you mind turning to Numbers 23:22? Is there a word that stands out in particular?

The word “unicorn” appears multiple times in the KJV. I am referring to the original KJV bible. Not the NKJV or any other update to the original version. My printed Geneva facsimile bible (1560 edition) also has the same word in the verse.
This link will show you where else the word appears.
Something seriously wrong has taken place with the Bible, the old versions such as the KJV to be specific.
It’s called the Mandela effect.

When I first heard the news, I didn’t take it seriously till I saw this video just this week and checked my printed bible.

I have an NIV and an NASB. They are not as badly affected but you can still see the changes there. For example, all versions now misquote Jesus in Luke 19:27.
The bible isn’t the only thing affected by the Mandela effect. Movie lines have changed as well. For example, in Star Wars episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader’s line has been changed to “No, I am your father.” instead of “Luke, I am your father.”
You can find a discussion on this issue at Reddit.
I hope that you will bring this up with your cell group leaders and pastors.

Happy Independence Day!

I happened to pass through the street protests and managed to take some videos of it from the light rail, whilst on the way to meet Brian Brushwood at the KL Converge! Thanks Daniel Cerventus! I have the videos going up on the Youtube channel.

The solidarity expressed was amazing. It did bring a tear to my eye seeing the passions of those standing up for the rights, which I do have sincere support for, since I have some similar questions that need answers.

With the street protests of epic proportions deemed illegal by the authorities ending, we have to look back to see how far we have come after 58 years.

It is hoped that more peace and prosperity will come and there will be sweeping changes across all this land. That the people will be understanding, and the Government will take good governance with appropriate transparency and non-biases.

Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better nation, showing the world a model nation, putting it back to its former glory, being so centrally located in this region.

Happy Independance Day!

Walt Disney's Original EPCOT.

The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. A film made just a few months before his untimely death, showcases a really cool idea, that I think could be feasible today…

Here in Malaysia, there is such a thing. Called Cyberjaya, it is a full sized township that has nice long easy to drive roads and very few stop lights. There is a startup accelerator called 1337 Ventures that works with the Ministry of Finance, turning the entire place into an experiment for smart city startups. We could see driverless cars being tested there and such.

There is also another startup accelerator called MaGIC (Malaysia Global Innovation and Creativity Centre) that also have similar aims.

A new transportation hub is also being built. Track bases are already in place for the monorail system to link areas in Cyberjaya to the twin administrative city Putrajaya (however I am not too sure if they will ever be built).

The iBridge Camp is back!!

The interdenominational Christian young adult camp is back for 2015! For information and some details, click the poster..

iBridge Camp 2015 poster

Happy Easter

The following 25 minute video is a true Easter story from a reality program in China (Indonesian subtitles) of a young wife’s dream to continue her legacy. You’ll see why (do get some tissues ready)…

Korang tak sakit mata ke tengok video ni? Mata masuk habuk ke, orang potong bawang ke.. Ada tak?Cerr tengok video ni dulu ;)More: Wiki Rakyat

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