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#ioxkl19. Hmm...

Artificially intelligent air-conditioning? #ioxkl19

#ioxkl19 keynote speakers. Dean of tech school, and Dev relations.

I think Sam Carecho would've been so happy to be here. May he rest in peace :(. Miss you a lot. I just had time to say hello before your untimely demise. Thanks for the classes. Happy Father's Day. #ioxkl19

#ioxkl19 breakfast. Pretty good. But no seating places. :(

#ioxkl19 house rules..


Xiaomi's fastboot mode is cute. Very Chinese army style complete with the Red Star symbol.

This really reminds me of fifth element or blade runner. Sci-fi to reality. Image courtesy of the Asgardia news channel. #asgardia #fashion

Encountered a pastor called Gene Kim. Please beware of his ways of teaching Salvation by works, yhwh being a Pagan god, and tongues being gibberish language. God bless. Happy Eid to all Muslims.

Ivan Tham and his testing 101. #wwckl

They're hiring testers and javascript devs! Nice to see Joel is still there. :) #eprotea #finexus #wwckl

Nice to see my ex company is doing these testings. #wwckl #eprotea #finexus Check out

Test automation suite. Live now on engineersmy YouTube channel. #wwckl

Guess what! This is also the #ibridgecamp2019 theme! Sign up at

I wonder how this looks like in 3D analyglyph.

The pale blue dot. By the late Carl Sagan.

#Barcampkl before instagram. #9yearchallenge

Another framework worth learning to make those awesome Apple Keynote sort of presentations. #kljs