The unicorns in the Bible?

Dear all,

Do you have a hard copy KJV bible in your home? Would you mind turning to Numbers 23:22? Is there a word that stands out in particular?

The word “unicorn” appears multiple times in the KJV. I am referring to the original KJV bible. Not the NKJV or any other update to the original version. My printed Geneva facsimile bible (1560 edition) also has the same word in the verse.
This link will show you where else the word appears.
Something seriously wrong has taken place with the Bible, the old versions such as the KJV to be specific.
It’s called the Mandela effect.

When I first heard the news, I didn’t take it seriously till I saw this video just this week and checked my printed bible.

I have an NIV and an NASB. They are not as badly affected but you can still see the changes there. For example, all versions now misquote Jesus in Luke 19:27.
The bible isn’t the only thing affected by the Mandela effect. Movie lines have changed as well. For example, in Star Wars episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader’s line has been changed to “No, I am your father.” instead of “Luke, I am your father.”
You can find a discussion on this issue at Reddit.
I hope that you will bring this up with your cell group leaders and pastors.