Happy Independence Day!

I happened to pass through the street protests and managed to take some videos of it from the light rail, whilst on the way to meet Brian Brushwood at the KL Converge! Thanks Daniel Cerventus! I have the videos going up on the Youtube channel.

The solidarity expressed was amazing. It did bring a tear to my eye seeing the passions of those standing up for the rights, which I do have sincere support for, since I have some similar questions that need answers.

With the street protests of epic proportions deemed illegal by the authorities ending, we have to look back to see how far we have come after 58 years.

It is hoped that more peace and prosperity will come and there will be sweeping changes across all this land. That the people will be understanding, and the Government will take good governance with appropriate transparency and non-biases.

Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better nation, showing the world a model nation, putting it back to its former glory, being so centrally located in this region.

Happy Independance Day!