Academy Awards 2015 — My Highlights!

Here are my selection of the really great entertainment segments of this famed movie awards gala by the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences. These are official videos from the official channels too.
Neil Patrick Harris’ slightly comical opening number with some augmented reality thrown in.
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“Everything Is Awesome” from the Lego Movie by Tegan and Sara. Rapping by the Possum Posse (who were frequent musical guests on Night Attack). Oprah Winfrey getting a Lego Oscar. LOL!

An AT&T #Oscars Music Moment: Lady Gaga performs a must-see tribute to The Sound of Music!

Posted by ABC Television Network on 2015 m. vasario 22 d.

A surprise genre from L:ady Gaga singing a medley from Sound Of Music. It is like a “Pop Star to Opera Star” episode! So powerful were her vocals during the live stream, that I had to turn down my headphone volume. At the end, cut off here, Julie Andrews gives her like the longest impromptu embrace on stage.