2014: Annus Horriblis and a hope for a silver lining.

Alright it is time for the “traditional” post of the year in review and then looking ahead.

The past year saw a lot of disasters happening. Honestly it was not a very good year for the aviation industry. Flights missing, shot down and crashed.
I had a disaster happen too, but I am not going to explain it here. This is not the right avenue to write about it.

However positively it brought a lot of new interest in the form of startups and as predicted, more awareness amongst the community. I had fun at the AngelHack, and was pleasantly surprised that a Malaysian team (QSmart) emerged as world champions!! There were three other hackathons jointly organized by the Government and a media agency, aptly called D3 (Define, Design, Develop). After getting food poisoned at the first, I did not dare participate in the next two. LOL.
Internet of Things became a buzzword. A world where anything can be connected online, even light bulbs, and controlled or monitored.
Social entrepreneurship became another buzzword. Due to continuously rising costs of everything, everyone wants in on entrepreneurship, and perhaps one of the best ways is social entrepreneurship where you get to help others by doing the things you love and generating profit along the way.

Microsoft did a historic thing! Becoming extremely tolerant of open source, and even making its entire dot net framework open source! FINALLY! Programming and running dot net applications / software on a Macintosh and Linux will be possible.

Cyberjaya is coming back up, with a really great cool shopping mall right in its geographical centre. There is good rental accommodation right there too. More information on request!

Learnt a lot more on the WordPress platform since the company took it as a solution. Learnt quite a bit more other skills too especially in doing this cool agenda generator.

I really don’t think there is anything further to write except for what I feel will happen in the next year…

  • When the Goods and Services Tax comes into effect, there might be some chaos.
  • It is visit Philippines year.
  • A bunch of good Pixar movies hopefully will be released.
  • Virtual reality will be in again.
  • Software conferences, the famous ones will make there mark here, probably starting off with DroidCon (or if there is one earlier, perhaps Microsoft Build).
  • Might be easier to make Windows programs run on Apple computers and Linux ones.
  • There might be a shift of things.
Alright have a great Merry Christmas and a hopefully good Happy New Year!