Here’s how you can contribute to Social Enterprise Month in Malaysia

If there's something I think we're both passionate about, it's taking action to build a better Malaysia. It's the reason behind the Good List, Hati, Do Something Good, and so many of the other things we're involved in. 

But there's a challenge. To build a thriving community of social entrepreneurs, we need far more people involved in this space than we have today. We need more people interested and committing to become social entrepreneurs or to support them. We need far more people in the public who understand what social enterprise actually means.

There's a way we can do this — and this is where you come in. A number of us have come together to make November Social Enterprise Month in Malaysia to significantly raise awareness about social enterprise. This month brings together conferences, talks, workshops and even announcements by government that are opportunities for everyone to start understanding and getting involved in social enterprise. 

Help us share the page for Social Enterprise Month on social media (or however else you can) so that people who don't know about social enterprise or who are interested can join, meet social entrepreneurs, and learn more. Here's what you can post:

Are you interested in doing well and contributing back to society? November is Social Enterprise Month in Malaysia. You can join networking events, workshops, and more to meet social entrepreneurs, learn more about social enterprise, or get involved. Share this to pass it on! 

We want more people to see that social enterprise is not just something that people are doing in Bangladesh or India. It's happening here, it's something that Malaysians are succeeding at, and it's ultimately improving people's lives. 

I'm including the calendar for Social Enterprise Month below.

Thanks for supporting,
Kal & Gwen

Events – Kuala Lumpur Date
BFM Social Enterprise Profiles BFM Enterprise segment will feature a series of profiles with prominent social entrepreneurs. All month
Karnival Pertubuhan Kebangsaan 2014 The largest ever gathering for NGOs and social enterprises in Malaysia, this carnival is expected to bring together 15,000 people and will host social enterprises such as Do Something Good. Nov 1
UM International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (ICSE 2014) aims at creating a platform to share information, knowledge and experience in the field of social entrepreneurship. In this conference, we explore the social entrepreneurship approach in order to empower marginalized communities in promoting sustainable livelihoods. Nov 7-9
Meet & Mingle: Creating Impact, Leading Change M&M is a gathering of ‘unreasonable people’, comprising students, staff and the general public who want to make a difference. Speakers include Oei John-Son, Founder & CEO, EPIC Homes and Azam Hisham, Co-Founder, Biji-biji Initiative. // Nov 7
ServeBetter Conference This conference, targeted at social enterprises and NGOs, will include a keynote by UK social enterprise icon Uday Thakar and a panel on the topic of social enterprise. Nov 10-11
Malaysia Social Enterprise Month Gathering This gathering and networking session is a chance to meet people active in the social enterprise space. The gathering will launch the National Status Update for Social Enterprise and include a preview talk on MaGIC's blueprint for Malaysia's social enterprise sector. // Nov 13
Change for Good: How a new generation of social organisations are succeeding in Malaysia Change for Good is the “TED” of innovative ideas for social good. Malaysia's challenges — in education, the environment, for children — are too big for the same old approaches. Learn about next generation social initiatives, including new ways of creating social impact, social enterprise, and how people creating sustainable change. // Nov 23
Funders' Roundtable: Education The Funders' Roundtable is a regular meeting that brings together foundations and CSR organisations to create collective impact. The November Funders Roundtable will focus on social organisations and social enterprises in education. If you are a funding organisation and would like to join the roundtable, please email with information about the programmes you fund. Nov 24
Oxford’s Skoll scholarship Talk By Grace Sai (MAGIC) Co-Founder of The Hub Singapore, Social Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD, Skoll Scholar 2009/10 and Founder of Books for Hope. Nov 26
MESYM Documentary Night Social enterprises & the environment. The MESYM Crossover Series is held every last Thursday of the month, in which screen documentaries that are of wider issues, which are implicitly linked to environmental concerns. The movie is followed by Q&A session with an expert in the area. Nov 27
WIEF Social Entrepreneurship Challenge The World Islamic Economic Forum is hosting its inaugural Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, targeting institutions of higher education for the best student social enterprise. Participants will be presenting their final pitches on November 30th. Nov 30