E-Diary post from the alternate version.

Hi everyone,

Now writing from this alternate version, which is provided by the fine folks in Artician. Mostly also because the posts from the original Virtual Place versions have been copied into here too.

What really happened was that the company hosting the original Virtual Place got bought over, and I hence began the transition to the new hosting. But they seemed to be understaffed now so restoration could take a while. Thinking nothing was amiss, I continued having the original Place, only to be extremely shocked to learn that they have disconnected everything and that there is “no way to get it back”! Boy was I furious!

Thank God for this thing called RSS feeds though. I could have kind of a backup here.

Yes I know, the Virtual Place now looks different because this e-diary and the other annexes are being relayed into this central service.

Though it is awesome, I do miss the flexibility of making something and showing it in that platform. I have to pipe in things from the annexes now. Not quite nice.

Another thing happened also this past week. The peaceful passing of an extended family member. It hit close that I decided to craft up a sort of bucket list…

  1. The technology to make us live longer comes very soon.
  2. In relation, I wish my brain can be electronically uploaded when I finally go away. That way, I can still be sort of in, but kind of virtually.
  3. I want to meet Leo Laporte in person.
  4. I would like to go to a random good enough country that I have never been before.
  5. Enjoy life to the maximum.
  6. Let a lot of people hear of God’s totally unconditional love.